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A 16 year old boy kicked a stone along the footpath, feeling depressed. His brown spiky hair, a complete mess and his dusty black shoes made his footsteps echo down the street. His white shirt was wrinkly and his faded red denim jacket had holes in it. His dirty jeans, dirty and had scorch marks on the legs. He continued kicking the small stone and grumbled under his breath. He had just moved to the small town of Jasper, Nevada, and already, he hated it. He didn't understand why his family had to move. His old home had been in the middle of a city where a lot of crimes happened. But he didn't mind it. None of the kids down there had ever had the guts to pass him by, let alone pick on him. He heard the screeching of tires and turned around. He saw a blue, white and red Lamborghini speed past him, followed by a crimson red Aston Martin. They turned a corner, disappearing as fast as they had appeared. The human decided to follow the cars and ran after them, hiding behind a trash can. The two cars suddenly turned into massive robots and the boy swallowed his gum he had been chewing. The one that had been the Lamborghini, seemed more energetic than the red one.
"C'mon 'con. I thought you'd be more stylish and energetic." he teased, looking like he was getting ready to box.
The red bot, took out a long pole and at the end, it crackled with electricity. The human boy, watched as the red mech went to attack the other one but he dodged the attack, kicking the red mech in the back, causing him to fall on the trash cans covering the boy from sight. He shook his helm and saw the boy and smirked. He reached for him and managed to grab his jacket. The sound of material ripping and the human fell onto his face. He got up, quickly, and felt a hand lift him up, he struggled in the mechs grip and turned to see which bot had got hold of him. It was the Lamborghini and he transformed, driving away from the red mech. The boy let out a sigh of relief, slumping in his seat.
"Who- What are you?" he gasped, looking around the interior of the car.
"That question would be answered better by the boss." he replied, driving off to a large rock.

They drove in silence as they entered the massive rock, driving through a long tunnel. The boy gasped as large robots turned to see who was coming. The car stopped and opened the door for him to get out. The human exited the car and the bot transformed.
"Another human?" an orange and white bot complained.
"Guess destiny's child forgot to keep a low profile." a small blue one said, crossing their arms.
A larger blue and red bot came forward and knelt, so he could look the human boy in the face.
"Greetings human. I am Optimus Prime. An autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron. And you are?" Optimus asked.
"Justin." he stammered, still shocked that these were 'aliens'.
"Now that Justin has learnt of our existence, it is necessary that he is provided with and Autobot guardian. Wheeljack is unreadable at the moment and Ratchet and I are too busy to do so, I recommend Smokescreen be Justin's guardian." Optimus explained, standing to his full height and looking back at Smokescreen.
Justin glanced over to the bot that saved him earlier and smiled slightly. Smokescreen grinned back.
"I promise Optimus, he will be in no danger of being taken by the Decepticons whilst I protect him." he said confidently, saluting to Optimus.
The small blue bot rolled their optics and shook her helm.
"I'm Arcee. This is Bumblebee," she said, gesturing to a black and yellow bot who waved at Justin, "And this is Bulkhead."
A large green bot rubbed the back of his helm and waved slightly at Justin.
"It is best that you get home Justin. The other humans have gone and I suggest you do too. Smokescreen will accompany you home." Optimus said.
Justin nodded and Smokescreen transformed, revving his engine. For the first that Justin had been in Jasper, Nevada, he grinned and leapt into the car. He buckled up and Smokescreen skidded out to the starry night. Justin wound down the window and stuck his head out.
"WOOHOO!!" he yelled, earning a laugh from Smokescreen.
Justin laughed as well and pulled his head back into the car. His hair stuck up everywhere but right now, he didn't care. Smokescreen eventually got to Justin's house, after taking the scenic route back and skidding in the dust. Justin hopped out and Smokescreen spoke.
"Just remember. You know nothing of us. Not a word to anyone. You want a ride or just to see me, call me. I've sent my comm link to your phone. See you tomorrow?" he explained.
"See you tomorrow." Justin agreed and snuck into his house, waving at Smokescreen who sped off into the desert.
Justin climbed through the window and threw himself into his bed. He stared at the ceiling and a massive grin filled his face. Maybe this place wasn't going to be so bad after all. He drifted off, feeling happier knowing that there was someone to talk to other than himself.
Steel: Here's the request for :iconfangirlmary:. Sorry if its cheesy and it sucks but I kinda rushed at the end. :shrug: Oh well. Hope you like. I'm gonna stop talking now otherwise my voice box is gonna spazz again.

Smokescreen belongs to Hasbro
Justin belongs to both :iconfangirlmary: and :icontfp-steeljaw:
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DuskWolfAtDawn Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XDD EPIC!! This is awesome!!
TFP-Steeljaw Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Thanks :3
DuskWolfAtDawn Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome ^w^
fashiongirlio Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Are you going to make more? It's really good.
TFP-Steeljaw Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Unfortunately, not for this story. But I do do requests for either Autobots and Decepticons along with a new character and plot.
FanGirlMary Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
I don't mind that it's a bit cheesy; I still love it and thanks for making it for me. :)
TFP-Steeljaw Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Steel: You're welcome ^^
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