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Steeljaw and Whitefang: If you have a problem on what we fave, leave the premises!


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Hi guys. I know I've been away for a while and I've decided to move accounts. Don't worry. :iconsteeljaw-tfp: Same character, same bot, just slightly different RPing :meow: I'll keep this one alive because of.......many reasons.

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TFP-Steeljaw's Profile Picture
Steeljaw is a twin to Whitefang. Both are a rare species of dragoncon, the type that can never die. They sometimes get along, other times they don't. Steeljaw is the most responsible of the two but can get somewhat defensive against most things. Whitefang is the most childish and is often seen eating cake or some other organic sweets. Steeljaw and Whitefang are a great team when it comes to fighting others but sometimes they verbally lash out with each other. Though Fang doesn't show it, he's embarrassed easily. He can blush and stammer when someone he fancies is around him. Steeljaw on the other hand is loud, arrogant and doesn't quite trust strangers. She sometimes has massive mood swings at the worst of times but she barely lashes out. She's learned to keep a lid on her temper but it sometimes overpowers her. Especially around her son, Bombshell. She doesn't speak much of what happened before the experiments, mostly because that part of her life was a blurr. She can remember little details of her story but.... It's hard. She had a mate who always went off and interfaced with other femmes, who was also oblivious that his mate was carrying a sparkling. Thinking that she had cheated on him when he was born, he tried to get rid of him, leaving Bombshell with scars and wounds. If Steeljaw hadn't brought out her inner Dragoncon, Bombshell might not have been here today. She has sworn to protect him with her life until he's old enough to fend for himself. But until then, she will rip out anyone's spark should they cross that borderline. She also does not agree with strangers coming close to Bombshell or herself. She will lash out if felt threatened and might unleash her inner Dragoncon, which isn't good for anyone.

When Smokey tried to kill Bombshell, Steeljaw destroyed two whole cities whilst protecting her son. They say that a few Dragoncons are the key to solving major problems. Some are the major problem. Steeljaw is between these groups and can decide whether or not to use her instinct for good or bad. In between sides is not the ideal place to be in a war, but Steeljaw always sides with the winning team, preferably the Decepticons. Nobody knows why she chose this side, and neither does she. When she came to Earth, she was somehow turned back into a sparkling and relived her life again. Due to this 'error', she can now turn into a sparkling and adult at will.

More info of Steeljaw:
Name: Steeljaw
Gender: Femme
Wingspan: 4.5 meters
Height: 30ft
Weight: 2.5 metric tons
Age on Cybertronian terms: 14 eons old
Alt Mode: Gallardo Lamborghini
Optic color: Crimson red
Colors in robot mode: Wings and underbelly are white, rest of her body navy blue and inside ears are light pink
Colors in vehicle mode: Navy blue for base colour. Silver and black flames along the door and frame of it.
Alliance: Decepticons
Accessories: Black and silver spiked collar around her neck
Unusual markings: Cybertronian markings on her front legs and wounds on her tail
Weapons: Claws, wings, fangs and tail
Special powers/skills: Able to turn into anything organic, can turn into a sparkling and back into an adult at will and able to breath fire, ice and water.

More info of Whitefang:
Name: Whitefang
Gender: Mech
Wingspan: 4.5 meters
Height: 30ft
Weight: 2.5 metric tons
Age on Cybertronian terms: 15 eons old
Alt mode: Lamborghini
Optic color: Navy blue
Colors in robot mode: Crimson red
Colors in vehicle mode: Model same as Steeljaw along with the design, except the colour is crimson red
Alliance: Decepticons
Accessories: Silver collar with black spikes around his neck
Unusual markings : None
Weapons: Sword tail, claws, fangs
Special Powers/Skills: Same as Steeljaw, except he has the power to tick people off easily

Steeljaws Nicknames: Steels, Jaws, Steely, Coopey and Sweetiepie

Whitefangs nicknames: Whitey, Fang, Bozo and Snappy

Steeljaw Likes: Cake, flying, beef jerky, writing stories, friends, human music and scary human movies
Steeljaw Dislikes: Spiders, scraplets and BARRELS!

Whitefangs likes: Cake, sweets, drawing, earth music, Steeljaw and asking questions
Whitefangs dislikes: Scary human movies, Slenderman, 'It', getting bullied by someone other than his sister and BARRELS!!

DA Family:

Steeljaws Spark mate: :icondrivergamer127:

Whitefangs Spark mate:

Steeljaw and Whitefangs Father figure: :iconflarethecon:

Steeljaw and Whitefangs Mother figure:

Steeljaw and Whitefangs Sisters: :iconmiss-autumnrose: :iconrandomcatgirl: :iconfangirlmary: :iconjewlthewolf16:

Steeljaw and Whitefangs Brothers::icontfa-skywarp: :iconkre-obumblebee:

Those who are the most trusted:
:iconfangirlmary: :icondrivergamer127: :icontf-evilangel: :iconskywarp305: :icontf-theautobotleader: :iconmiss-autumnrose: :iconrandomcatgirl: :iconknockstardecepticon: :icontfp-bandage: :iconflare-scaple: :iconflarethecon: :iconcookiejane: :icontfa-sex: :iconjewlthewolf16: :iconwholock9999: :icondecepticondanceparty:

((Steeljaw, Whitefang, Smokey, Slick, Willow, Skullcrusher, Breakout, Shinestar, Dew, Gary, Aqua, Dagger, Courage and Crystal belong to me and are my OC's))

((Profile pic made by :iconrandomcatgirl:))

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